Bord Lysande Lounge S

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Lounge S

Lounge S continues the series with distinctive, customisable and functional tables for living rooms. The tulip-shaped table gleams with a vibrant acrylic coated surface and an elegant pedestal of brushed aluminium. The table sits perfectly next to furniture for sitting and relaxing, or beside a wardrobe. Hidden integrated engineering immerses the immediate surroundings in white or coloured light, using either traditional or multi-coloured LED lighting. The LED option comes available with a remote for colour and programme selection as well as a dimming function. A convenient optional glass top makes cleaning simple and adds to the visual effect.

Lounge S complements the successful Table Series Lounge 45-55-75-105. Whereas the large 84 cm diameter models function as coffee tables, dinner tables and bar tables, with its 50 cm diameter and height, completes the small, dainty corners and niches of living rooms, bedrooms and hallways. Tables without lighting are available in the Lounge SX series.

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Dimensioner 50 x 50 cm

Lounge S, Lounge S LED + Batteri, Lounge S LED multicolor, Lounge SX (utan lampa)